Here you can report the loss or theft of your Rolex watch. The complaint is global which increases the chances of recovering the watch and prevents it from being resold in the country of origin or in any other country.

What to do in case of theft or loss

  1. Contact your local police immediately. If you do not remember your Rolex's serial number or if you can't find it's original papers, log into your user account on our website and all your data will be available for you.   
  2. Report it on Rolextracker.com

How to make a report on Rolextracker.com

  1. If you already are a user of Rolextracker.com and you have registered your watch you just need to login to your account and make the report.
  2. If you never registered your watch on Rolextracker.com, become a user (it is free) and then register your Rolex so you can report it as stolen.

It would be advisable to register your Rolex as precaution. After being lost or stolen if you don't have the papers or you can not access our database to find the serial number, recovering it would be impossible.

You may have received your Rolex as a gift or inheritance and you may not have its papers, Rolextracker.com offers you the possibility to regularize it, putting it under your name and in case of theft you can access to its serial number. 

If a reported Rolex is for sale and a potential buyer browses our database, we will notify the purchaser the true origin of the watch. The real owner will also be notified and will be informed about the steps to retrieve it, anywhere in the world, respecting our privacy policy.

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