How it works


Our main objective is to cut down on crime by ensuring that all Rolex watches are traceable and therefore difficult to resell after being stolen.

At Rolextracker.com you can create a record of history of your watch to protect your property.

We offer you a place to publicly report the loss or theft of your Rolex. You can also browse our global database before you buy or sell one of these masterpieces to check that they have not been reported lost or stolen.

It is also possible to transfer registration of your Rolex to a new owner if you sell it.

By registering a Rolex on our website your personal data is stored securely (see privacy) in our files. If the registration is accepted it means that the watch has not been reported as lost or stolen in our global database.

How it works


You can register a new or second hand Rolex under your name or company name by entering the serial number along with other required personal data.


Log in with your user name and password, you can report if the watch has been stolen or misplaced. Our system will check if the watch is entered again under another name anywhere in the world or if a search is made in our database about it, in order to locate it.
Once your Rolex is located we will contact you immediately with instructions on how to proceed to retrieve it.


Rolextracker.com shall issue a certificate of property stating your Rolex serial number and your name as the owner of the watch from the moment you have registered it in our site.

Price list Price Pay with PayPal
Register Rolex $19.99
Rolex Search $9.99
Rolex Search + Register $19.99*
$9.99 for the search and if you register the same serial number you only pay $10 to complete the registration.

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