Register Rolex

Register your new or second hand Rolex in our global database and you will be more secure when wearing it.

The registration automatically activates an alert if any other person anywhere in the world tries to register or search for it on our website.

Steps for registration:

  1. Register as a user on our website (it's free). You will receive an email to confirm the validity of your email address. After the confirmation your account will be activated and you will have access to our services.
  2. Register your Rolex by entering it's serial number safely in our worldwide database.

After buying a Rolex people often lose the box or papers. If they have to make a police report and they do not have the serial number it makes the police work impossible.

Be cautious. Register your Rolex on our website where your data will be available in case of loss or theft. You can find your serial number to make the police report and our system will immediately activate the search.

How to find the serial number

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